08 Ago 2019

Ancient Tree Protection Event in the House of Lords

Last month Lawyers for Nature helped to co-host an event in the House of Lords (kindly sponsored by Baroness Jenny Jones) calling for proper protection for our ancient and veteran trees. The event was called following a petition set up to protect Britain’s ancient yew trees, with which we have been helping to advise on the legal ramifications over the past year. The event heard speeches from figures across the tree protection world representing the Tree Council, the Ancient Tree Forum and the Woodland Trust amongst others. Everyone agreed that the lack of proper protection for Britain’s trees needs a solution. 


The question now turns to the form such protection should take. Do we have automatic protection for trees of a certain age or size? Do we have a listing system as we do for buildings and monuments? Do we start with just protection for yews, or aim to protect all species of trees? 


If you have any thoughts or ideas on these questions, or if you’d like to get involved in helping research and draft the potential legislation, do send a message on here or to enquiries@lawyersfornature.com