05 Fev 2020

Doncaster Council Suspend Tree Felling


In excellent news, Doncaster Council have called off their unnecessary felling of trees in Middlefield Road.

We are really pleased that following an advice written by one of our lawyers, and the brave actions of local people standing under the trees, at least some of the trees threatened with destruction in Doncaster have been given a reprieve. Looking at the law in this case, it appears that the local Council may have breached the requirement of the Forestry Act 1967 in felling trees without a license. The ease with which many of the mature trees on this street were destroyed shows the need for better protections for our street trees.

Questions remain as to whether they have now abandoned their felling campaigns completely and why the felling of the 55 trees that were destroyed was allowed to take place.

For now though, it’s good to enjoy a victory for trees and the natural world and to remember that it was the peaceful direction action of tree defenders standing under the trees that was crucial to this victory. Without their courage and commitment, the legal advice we gave to them highlighting why the council may have been breaking the law would likely have had little practical effect.