10 Jan 2020

HS2 Destroyed Trees Without Permission

Having been against HS2 in the High Court on numerous occasions where they have used the threat of people trespassing on their 'property' (inverted commas are used to signify that this is usually gained through compulsory purchase powers and mostly has not even been paid for) to gain wide-ranging injunctions that restrict our rights to freedom of expression and protest, it is certainly interesting to discover HS2's apparent lack of respect for the land and property rights of others. They appear to give little valid explanation as to why they ended up not only trespassing into a wildlife reserve, but also carrying out what appears to be extensive criminal damage to that reserve.

Given we are sure that HS2 would not want to claim they are above the law, perhaps the police should be investigating them and their contractors for criminal damage. It may also be worth the wildlife trust considering getting an injunction against HS2 to ensure that no further such unlawful behaviour happens in the future.